When It’s Finished, It’s Finished

By |January 21st, 2019|Blog|

The terms coating, finish, paint, and stain cover a wid [...]

Evolution of the T-Cat Tannery Automation System

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In 1984, Tanmach (part of the First Source Worldwide fa [...]

The Quality Control Apprentice

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I have begun my 12th year here working at First Source [...]

A Brief History of Synthetic Dyes

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In 1856, teenager William Perkin accidentally discovere [...]

A Brief History of Natural Dyes

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There are two types of dyes. Natural, those that come f [...]

Three Types of Dyes for Dyeing Cellulosic Fibers

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In this month’s blog, I will be discussing three differ [...]

Trichromatic Color System For Dying Leather

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Color matching was quite an art 50 years ago in any ind [...]

What Is Migration Of Color And Why Should It Be Minimized

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Dye migration refers to the replacement of a compound w [...]

FD&C Dyes: What are They?

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Have you ever thought about the color that is in your f [...]

Location Spotlight: Mexico Like You’ve Never Seen it Before

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Bustling streets, brightly colored houses and taco stan [...]