Quality Commitment

At First Source Worldwide, quality comes naturally. We’ve fostered teams of experts whose priority is providing customers exactly what they expect: Safe products for use in their business. Our laboratories and manufacturing facilities adhere to strict procedures and guidelines set by certification bodies, legal requirements, and the high expectations we set for ourselves. There simply is no compromise when it comes to giving customers reliable chemistry.

Working with us takes the guesswork out of sourcing chemicals and dyes. Our global sources are reliable operations with whom we’ve established a deep relationship of trust. When you purchase products through FSW, you can rest easy knowing your order will be on time and backed by technical support to make sure what you ask for is what you receive.

Rest assured that when your order leaves our docks, it’s been sampled, tested, and evaluated for performance. Our manufacturing processes require strict sampling and testing standards at key points in the process. No product leaves our doors without meeting the specifications set by our standards and customer requirements.

Safe, reliable chemistry yields quality products. For us, there is no compromise. This is what makes First Source Worldwide your trusted supplier of quality chemicals and colorants.