Household, Industrial & Institutional Chemical & Dye Solutions

Our dyes for the household, industrial and institutional industry service a broad spectrum of cleaning products including those used for laundry detergent, dish washing, surface cleaners, wood care, toilet cleaners, lubricants and body care. We carry FD&C and D&C dyes for use in kitchen and restaurant applications as well as hand soaps, laundry and body care products. Dyes with non-staining and low eco-footprints are also available.

Soracid acid dyes and FD&C dyes provide water and solvent based solutions for dying HI&I products. They’re good dispersion ratios and flexibility along the pH scale offer a wide selection of color options to serve as vital indicators in your products.

We provide technical support for color matching and product selection to specific pH levels. Single-use, soluble packaging is available upon request.