Organic Pigment Colorants

First Source Worldwide sources high quality Sorament organic pigments direct from trusted manufacturers. Along with the industry standard products, we offer a wide range of surface-treated pigments useful in specific industry applications. These organic pigments are used in a wide range of markets including coatings, plastics, inks, paints, road marking, leather, textiles, and fibers.

We carry inventory of these products at all our facilities for efficient logistic services. The organic pigments are available in quantities ranging from 15 kilo bags to bulk bag sizes. Bags range in size from 15 – 25 kilos based on density; pallet quantities are also available.

Click here for more information on the best ways to monitor your organic pigment use.

Organic Pigment Product Line

Below is a selection of our organic pigments available to a wide range of industries and applications. For specific applications, or to see more information on products available for your industry, please contact us.

Pigment Yellow 12 Pigment Orange 13 Pigment Red 185
Pigment Yellow 13 Pigment Orange 16 Pigment Red 188
Pigment Yellow 14 Pigment Orange 34 Pigment Red 254
Pigment Yellow 17 Pigment Orange 36 Pigment Blue 15:0
Pigment Yellow 62 Pigment Orange 64 Pigment Blue 15:0
Pigment Yellow 65 Pigment Orange 73 Pigment Blue 15:1
Pigment Yellow 74 Pigment Red 3 Pigment Blue 15:2
Pigment Yellow 75 Pigment Red 22 Pigment Blue 15:3
Pigment Yellow 83 Pigment Red 48:2 Pigment Blue 15.4
Pigment Yellow 110 Pigment Red 48.3 Pigment Blue 60
Pigment Yellow 138 Pigment Red 52 Pigment Violet 19
Pigment Yellow 139 Pigment Red 53.1 Pigment Violet 23
Pigment Yellow 150 Pigment Red 112 Pigment Green 7
Pigment Yellow 151 Pigment Red 122
Pigment Yellow 154 Pigment Red 123
Pigment Yellow 155 Pigment Red 144
Pigment Yellow 168 Pigment Red 149
Pigment Yellow 180 Pigment Red 169
Pigment Yellow 183 Pigment Red 170
Pigment Yellow 191 Pigment Red 176
Pigment Yellow 194 Pigment Red 177
Pigment Orange 5 Pigment Red 184