Agro Chemical Dye Solutions
Lake & Pond Dyes & Fertilizer Coloration

First Source Worldwide’s agriculture colorants provide non-staining, vibrant dye ranges and easy-to-use packaging options. Our dyes aid in brand identification, application tracking, product differentiation, and tasteful coloring for landscaping, construction, fertilizing, seed coatings, golf course maintenance, residential upkeep, and civic projects.

We offer exceptional technical services including color matching, product selection assistance, packaging solutions, and specific formulation development. Our chemists are available to assist from testing through final application in the field.

Many applications have options for environmentally friendly dye products that provide safer solutions for run-off, wildlife, and consumption. Please contact us for more information on selecting natural dyes for your processes.


blue pond dye for landscaping

Pond Dye

Pond dyes are key to providing an aesthetically pleasing and healthy pond. Our acid dye selections of blacks, blues, and greens are ideal for golf courses, landscaping, fisheries, and overall pond management.

Acid dyes are available in powder or liquid form. We offer water soluble packaging options for any of our powder pond dyes, guaranteeing a no-mess solution for pond owners.

agriculture dye products for field management

Fertilizer & Spray Pattern Indicator

Water and oil soluble pigments and dyes can be used to color herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, and indicator dispersants. These colors aid in brand identification and tracking fertilizer application.

Dyes can also be used in general purpose and time-release fertilizer to identify specific application formulations.

green dye for turf paint and excelsior products

Erosion Control Mats & Turf Paint

Colorants for erosion control blankets and turf paint deliver aesthetically pleasing, fuller-looking landscaping options for road construction, civic projects, golf courses, and landscaping. The pigments are low staining, 50-state-compliant solutions to drought, growth, and erosion issues.

These turf and ornamental paint colorants are also suitable for painting holiday evergreens and flower coloration. Color matching services are available for any of these powder or liquid colorants.

mulch colorant in red for landscaping

Mulch Colorant

Powder colorants in popular black, brown, and red for dyeing wood and bark mulch. Color matching services available for consistent brand identification. These help provide a clean, uniform appearance to landscaping projects.

Powder dyes can also be packaged in easy-to-use pre-weighed water soluble packs. This provides an excellent solution to keep your facility clean during the dye process.

seed coating dye in yellow for agriculture

Seed Coating

Colorants used in seed coatings help with brand identity and sowing rates. The coloration also aids in distinguishing the seed’s end use, keeping treated seeds out of the food supply.

Natural colorants are also available for environmentally safe options. Request color matching services to maintain your brand integrity.

ice melting dye for winter products

Salt: Ice Control

Colorants for road salts are used for dispersion tracking and brand identification. Our de-icing colorants are available in liquid or powder form and can be formulated to have non-staining properties on fabrics, skin, or carpet.

Eco-friendly options are available in our natural dye line. These dyes can have fertilization properties when run-off occurs and aid in slow-melting ice control.