Leather Tanning: Wet End & Finishing

Our leather chemicals,  colorants, oils, and waxes prepare and finish the hide to improve durability, performance and fastness, eliminate imperfections, meet texture requirements, and adjust flexibility of the hide. Our product ranges stretch from initial working with wet-blue leather to final production.

Leather dye colors provide a wide range of options for coloring the hide, from pastel to vibrant hues, or enhancing the natural look of the leather. Dyes and pigment dispersions can be formulated to create a multitude of special appearances, including pearlescent shimmer, metallic finish, brilliant and vibrant coloring, and transparency.

Treated leather can be used in aviation, automotive and furniture upholstery, fashion apparel, shoes and accessories, sporting equipment, and other areas utilizing leather. Environmentally friendly products are available.

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leather footwear with brown dye finish

Wet End Leather

For effective raw hide processing, proper pre-treatment in wet end will deliver hides ready for finishing. These chemicals can be specially formulated to bring the hide to the desired texture, absorbency, hue, or other unique properties required.

We offer a wide selection of vibrant, pastel, and natural color selections for use in the wet end process with good light, perspiration, and washing fastness. The dyes within our Diropel, Penetrol, Penepol, and Penesul lines can be specifically formulated to meet any color matching needs.

Beaming, tanning, retanning, deliming, degreasing, and wetting chemicals are available. Sortan and Meropol chemicals aid in improving the softness, absorption, fixation, and uniformity of the hide. Technical support is available for assistance with formulations with both the chemical and dye lines.

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Leather Finishing

Leather finishing products enhance the appearance, durability, and final texture of leather goods. These products are available to improve binding properties, protect the leather from wear and cleaning, and provide a topcoat finish to the hide. The also provide water resistance properties to protect the finished leather.

Meropol, Merithane, and Meracryl chemical treatments provide the final look and feel to leather. Dispersion pigments and dyes can be color matched to create vibrant, natural, pastel, or fashion shades. Our LPH, TP Pigment, and Soratint liquid dyes create beautiful colors for all types of leathers.

For specific finishing effects, formulation services are available. FSW also supplies a selection of eco-friendly and formaldehyde-free products.

baseball glove finished with brown colorant

Oil & Wax Treatment

Oil and wax treatments increase the beauty and durability of natural hide. Products can be used for waterproofing to protect hide from water and cleaning.

They can enhance pull-up properties and richen natural tones in the leather as well as correct the feel of the hide from soft to firm depending on its end use.

working with leather samples in leather application lab

FSW Leather Lab & Support Services

We are equipped with a full-service leather support laboratory for research and development and testing procedures to assist you with selecting the best chemical and dye solutions for your processes.