Dyes & Chemicals: Textile, Carpet & Rug

We specialize in textile colorants and chemicals. Our colorant ranges apply to a wide mix of fabrics, treatments, certifications, and specialty formulations. From the most vibrant hues to the softest pastels, working with our colorants ensures you’re adding a quality material to your manufacturing process. Our products service the textile, carpet, and rug industries and their affiliates.

Chemical products for textiles include products specifically sourced for their treatment capabilities. Whether it’s a softer feel or improved dispersion you’re looking for, an appropriate selection can be provided to you to help you create beautiful fabrics and carpets for your customers.

Our full-service textile, carpet, and rug laboratory is staffed by expert technicians in color matching and formulation services. We are available to act as an extension to your lab, or to help you solve your most complex textile processing needs.

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