Colorants & Chemicals

Our responsibility is to manufacture and distribute quality chemical and colorant products for use in your business. We work with trusted suppliers around the world to find the products that are best for your industry and application. With over 2,000 products, the opportunities are endless for innovation of formulations for your processes.

Virtually any color of the rainbow can be matched, created, or selected from our product lines. We carry colorants, including pigments and dyes, of all types for uses in all industries. We have a team of color matching experts ready to assist you with dye selections to enhance your products or find better solutions. Our colorants are in liquid, granular, and powder form and can be easily packaged to best fit your inventory and production needs. Water soluble, solvent soluble, and pulpable bag options are available for most dyes.

Chemicals sourced by First Source Worldwide are selected and stocked for their performance. We carry a vast range of chemicals for use in various applications. We have extensive knowledge in the performance and compatibility of our chemical products and can assist you with finding a solution to your needs. FSW also carries many proprietary chemical products to suit specific application needs in the market.

We also provide eco-friendly dye and chemical options. Many of our products adhere to standards that can reduce your environmental impact and we encourage these substitutes where they make sense for your business.