Technical Support & Services

First Source Worldwide has five full-service laboratories for quality control testing and R&D across the Americas. Our labs are run by chemical technicians who specialize in color management, chemical usage, and specific industry applications. We have capabilities for color matching, shading, formulations, and quality control testing in all of our labs. Our main laboratories in Milwaukee, WI, feature both a color management lab and a process and applications lab that drive the procedures we follow across all of our facilities.

Our technical support exists to be an extension of your lab. We are here when you get stuck. We handle materials used in many industries. This gives us a vast pool of knowledge to pull different techniques and formulations from and apply to your processes. We find solutions that keep your business moving.

Applications Laboratories

We have application testing capabilities on industry-specific equipment. Our Milwaukee, WI and Leon, Mexico labs are equipped for leather processing, dyeing, and applications. In Dalton, GA, we feature a full-service textile, carpet, and rug lab. The Milwaukee, WI lab also features equipment for testing procedures of the paper and pulp industry. At each location is a dedicated team specially trained to utilize the equipment to provide catered service to your applications.

Strong Technical Team

Our technical sales representatives have spent years in the industries they service. You can trust you’re getting valuable assistance, backed by the support from the lab teams. We want to ensure you’re able to successfully use our products in your business. Partnering with us guarantees you’ll have the technical support needed to utilize dyes and chemicals successfully.

Custom Manufacturing and Packaging Services

Our production facilities are fully-equipped to create custom blends and manufacture specific requests. We service:

  • Powder blending
  • Liquid blending
  • Dispersion mixing
  • Color matching to shade

Our packaging services are highly flexible and include customer supplied packaging, water or solvent soluble bags, and standard packaging sizes in bags, boxes, pails, drums, totes, and bulk tankers.

We also offer blind shipping, distribution, international shipping, and local delivery services.