Other Industries

Chemistry cannot be restricted. First Source Worldwide products and services extend far beyond standard industries and applications. With our vast pool of products and technical know-how, it’s rare we encounter a client’s problem we can’t solve. Chemistry provides solutions. Our chemists figure out how to get there.

Explore the additional industries we service. Our products are compatible in a variety of different substrates, applications, processes, and work environments. They can be formulated to provide the specific end results you’re looking for. If you’re not seeing your specific industry listed, explore our products or contact us and we’ll help you discover a solution.

white pigment anodized car with titanium dioxide pigment


Our products service the automotive industry from manufacture to cleaning. We provide metal anodizing colorants, car polish colorants, fluid and petroleum dyes, leather interior dyes, and chemicals, as well as car wash dyes.

dyes for leak tracking products

Leak Detection & Water Tracing

We offer many dye products for use in leak detection and water tracing operations. For construction, oil fields, municipal, and other leak detection needs, we have vast ranges of direct, acid, solvent dyes, and pigments that can be used in combination with water, oil, petroleum, and other substances that need to be traced.

Many products are suitable for use in regulated applications such as regulations by the EPA and and NOAA. Contact us for assistance in selecting products for compliance to these regulations.

grey colored anodizing coating for automotive

Metal Anodizing

Selected metal anodizing colorants provide a glimmering range of dyes for the anodizing industry. Whether for automotive or industrial anodizing needs, our products offer a wide range of color, backed by an equipped anodizing lab for support.

Food drug and cosmetic dyes in yellow, green, red

Food, Drug and Cosmetic

FD&C and D&C dyes are of the highest quality and performance to ensure safe and reliable use in FD&C products. We offer a spectrum of FD&C products suitable for use in food, beauty, healthcare, pharmaceutical, and consumer products. We also carry select FD&C approved organic pigments.

colored wax crayons for coloring


We carry a full range of wax and wax coating products. Carnauba wax, paraffin wax, montan wax and a variety of synthetic waxes including polyethylene and polypropylene waxes. These can be used for coatings in floor polishes, paper or coil coatings, automotive polishes, textiles and leather coatings. Our wax is also suitable for standard candle, seal, and other common uses.