Colorants for the Wood & Coatings Industry

We supply high quality Sorament pigment dispersions and Soratint dyes for the wood industry. For end-cut branding of lumber, stains and coatings, flooring, outdoor decking, crafting, construction, and more, our products can enhance the appearance, durability, and environmental impact of your wood products.

Greener chemistries for reducing water use, lowering VOC levels, and preserving cost ratios are also available.

Our technicians specialize in the use of wood dyes, pigments, and chemicals in the leading production processes of the lumber industry. Whether it’s selecting the most appropriate dye for your application or solving production problems, we have the technical support you need to extend your lab and find solutions.

wood stain coatings

Pigment Dispersion & Wood Stain Dyes

Soratint liquid dyes are an easy-to-apply dyeing solution for wood used in furniture, flooring, cabinetry, doors, and more. They create low-odor, vibrant color useful in waterborne and solvent-borne stains.

They resist UV fading and are useful in non-grain raising stains. We also offer a full line of pigment dyes for wood use.

end cut lumber dye color treatments

Chemicals for Processing & Coating

We provide a wide range of chemicals used for the treatment, processing, and coating of wood products. Solutions exist for formaldehyde-free alternatives, UV curing processes, thermal curing applications, and flame retardants.

Organic Pigments

Water-based organic pigments provide high quality pigment solutions for wood coating a processing applications. A wide range of products available designed for specific applications.