First Source Worldwide's Passionate People

The environment our people work in is a vital piece of what makes our company operate. A critical component of our Company Formula, Passionate People make things happen at First Source Worldwide. Together, we foster a community of professionals eager to deliver our clients only the best products along with trusted service.

Throughout our company, we have cultivated teams of field professionals ready to make your requests their top priority. Our teams are integrated throughout the business to come together on key projects to find solutions. We drive results backed by knowledge from a wide range of trials, formulations, and intellect. The experience of our staff mixed with efficient collaboration throughout the company delivers proven results.

In the Lab

Our laboratories are centers of exploration, curiosity, and refinement. Experts in color management, formulations, and chemical applications, our chemists are leaders of innovation. They use science, math, and logic to create sophisticated formulations and solutions from the lab all the way through production. Embracing team spirit, they work diligently to make the impossible happen again and again. For our labs, impossible is simply a word to describe something difficult, not unsolvable.

In the Office

Driven professionals in our administrative team keep the company running effectively. Our leaders inspire each other to reach their potential both in and out of the office. Striving for excellence, our office team pushes the business to new levels through admirable goals, effective financial consciousness, and strategic growth implementations. Our consumer-facing staff deliver nothing but professional customer service and fast response times.

In the Facility 

Our manufacturing facilities are the heart of our business. Capable and competent production teams focus on accuracy, consistency, and dedication. Standardized production processes deliver reliable, quality products. This together with efficient logistics, the manufacturing facilities deliver our products to our customers in a clean and timely manner.

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