Dyes, Pigments & Optical Brighteners

We source colorants from trusted suppliers around the world to stock the best products in our facilities. Our colorants can be blended for strength and shade. FSW color labs specialize in color matching services to meet your standards and are fully-equipped to meet your specific requirements from the lab, into production, and in use.

Dyes and pigments can be supplied in liquid and powder form, and can be packaged to order. Many of our powder dyes can be transformed to stable liquids. Water soluble, solvent soluble, and pulpable packaging is available for powder dyes for convenience and maintaining clean facilities.

Selections of our dyes meet specific certification requirements, or are environmentally friendly, organic, or natural. Discuss these options with us for exact specifications.

Specific dye ranges by industry are available. We offer dyes in any of the following categories:

  • Soracid & Penetrol Acid Dyes
  • Sorazine Basic Dyes
  • Sorasperse Disperse Dyes
  • Soramine & Diropel Direct Dyes
  • FD&C Dyes
  • D&C Dyes
  • Sorachrome Mordant Dyes
  • Sorafix Reactive Dyes
  • Sorasolve Solvent Dyes
  • Penesul Sulfur Dyes
  • Sorawhite Optical Brighteners
  • Penepol & Sorament Inorganic & Organic Pigments and Pigment Dispersions

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