FSW Warehousing Services

Third Party Warehousing and Logistics Supplier

Across four of our facilities we can provide Full Service Plus commercial distribution services. We offer warehousing services such as shipping, receiving, inventories, labeling, sampling, and more. We provide certified CDL operators, expanded regional deliveries, and experienced warehousing services for dyes, chemicals, and raw materials.

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Full Service Plus Warehousing Services

Being a fully-operating manufacturing and distribution operation, we’re able to extend many of the processes we already use in our day-to-day business to our warehousing customers. These include: labeling and relabeling, sampling, cross-docking, sorting and segregating, side marking, consolidating and loading containers for export, coordinating materials for construction sites, picking and packing, physical inventories, inventory tracking, bulk transfer, and IBC washing (non-hazardous). All services are a continuation of the Full Service Plus warehousing mission.

A Continuation of Sims Warehousing Sims Warehouse

In 2016, First Source Worldwide acquired the name and assets of Sims Warehousing in Dalton, GA. With this addition, FSW expanded our warehousing services to incorporate the Full Service Plus methodology.

We expanded this operation to four of our facilities including Dalton, GA, Milwaukee, WI, Charlotte, NC, and Leon, Mexico. Specific services may differ at each location.