Color for Carpet

By |January 22nd, 2021|Blog|

Most carpets that are made in the United States, are tu [...]

Plastics Grade Pigments with Improved Dispersibility

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Dispersion of pigments is a mechanical and chemical pro [...]

Everything Calcium Chloride: A Natural Wonder

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Calcium chloride (CaCl2) is one of nature’s uncommon wo [...]

How Do We See Color and Do We All See Color The Same Way?

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How we see color is a complex scientific process. The i [...]

The Benefits of Using a Sequestrant in Preparation and Dyeing Fiber Reactive Dyes

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Calcium, magnesium and heavy metal ions can be found in [...]

Remote Technical Service and Support During Covid-19

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Keeping production systems and equipment in optimum wor [...]

The Importance of Leather Thickness: Shaving Cylinder Configuration

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Thickness is an important specification for all types o [...]


By |June 19th, 2020|Blog|

Tyler Ahlborn is an intern at First Source Worldwide's Milwaukee facility. His lab techniques and experience have been dramatically increased through his work in the lab environment.

Quality Assurance for Reactive Dyes in Textile Applications

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Reactive dyes are manufactured from highly colored orga [...]

A Christmas Blog

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Twas, a week before Christmas and all through the facto [...]