Intern Spotlight – Business Systems Edition

Shanticia Garcia first joined the FSW team in May of 2023 after meeting CEO and Owner Dale Clark and Macy Koch of First Source Worldwide at the Career Fair on the Fox hosted by Unversity of Wisconsin – Oshkosh in March 2023. She is currently one of the interns here at First Source Worldwide, working alongside Macy Koch, our Senior Technical Business Analyst, as a Business Systems Intern. The Business Systems Internship is a brand-new internship at First Source and was derived from FSW’s focus on continuous improvement within the information technology landscape.

The focus of the Business Systems Internship lies in the optimization of our ERP System Deacom, ensuring Data Integrity, and harnessing innovative tools like macro automation and AI to streamline repetitive tasks.

During her tenure as an intern, Shanticia has seamlessly navigated the domain of Information Technology, acquiring proficiencies in data management, SQL programming, data security, among other valuable skills. In her own words, Shanticia aptly summarizes her experience:

“Working at First Source Worldwide has been a remarkable experience, allowing me to gain real-world experience in my field while also learning content that I would not have learned in a school setting. I have had the opportunity to work on individual and collaborative projects for many different IT topics. I have gained so many new skills that I can apply in the rest of my career, even after college. Working alongside Macy has been inspirational and motivating as my goal for my career is to have a leadership role in the IT field. I was initially hired as a seasonal intern, but towards the end of the program, I was offered to stay on during the school year. I look forward to continuing to grow and learn with First Source Worldwide, as they have supported my goals and provided many learning opportunities.”

Currently in her junior year, Shanticia is enrolled at the University of Wisconsin – Oshkosh, majoring in Information Systems with an emphasis on Data Analytics. Her anticipated graduation date is 2025. Shanticia’s contributions have been invaluable to FSW, and her promising future is undeniably bright.

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Macy Koch is our Senior Technical Business Analyst, bringing a wealth of expertise to our team. With a fervent dedication to problem-solving and a keen eye for efficiency, Macy is instrumental in optimizing our processes and driving success. With extensive experience in software management and optimization, Macy is a valued asset, continually elevating our capabilities and achieving remarkable results.