Meet Lexi Leffew! In a Q & A session, Lexi, a December 2021 Fox Valley Technical College graduate, shared how she grew from Purchasing Intern to full-time Purchasing Associate with First Source Worldwide, LLC.!

“I wanted to be in purchasing because I like seeing things from start to finish, how it plays out from placing the order to the final product being shipped. I like being a key player in that entire process and making it happen.

The job was posted on Handshake, a recruiting portal for college students, and when I applied and I received a response within a few hours. When I interviewed for the opportunity, I felt a connection almost immediately. Anne, our Director of Procurement, was so sweet and she has been my mentor ever since. She saw potential in me and wanted to help me go somewhere… bring that out in me. It was one of the main things that attracted me to the job.

I was a bit terrified my first day, but more so excited. I didn’t know what the acronyms and scientific terms were (just like a foreign language). The biggest challenge was adjusting to the chemical industry; It was overwhelming trying to learn the different products, what they are, how they come in as raw materials, and what goes into the lab to formulate and produce what we need for our customers.

First Source gave me a career, the general skills for my future, and even life skills. I am actively using what I learned in school. I am comfortable with what I am doing, where I am at, and knowing that I have “leveled-up” (advanced from where I came). As soon as I started, I wasn’t being looked at as an intern; I felt included right away and participating in all of the company activities. Everyone was helpful; it’s like a big family here and that’s big for me. It’s personal.”

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About the Author:

Tiffany Groffy is our Human Resource Manager at First Source Worldwide. She has over ten years of experience working in Human Resources, primarily in Manufacturing. Tiffany specializes in strategic planning, talent acquisition, training and compliance. She is passionate about supporting others through career changes, benefits decisions, and personal and professional development.