A Christmas Blog

Twas, a week before Christmas and all through the factory,

Everyone was working to complete all the orders.

Go knitting, go batching, go dyeing and finishing,

Go cutting and sewing and printing and packing,

For its ship to the stores and onto the shelfs

The deadlines are coming the hours are long

But in two weeks we will all have some days off

For Christmas is coming and work will wind down

But we must meet deliveries and deadlines and costs.

The tensions are high, the departments run strong

The fabrics are moving the containers are full

The phones are all ringing the customers want more

But the deadlines are set and the spirits are high.

Because when it’s all over deadlines are met

Its home to the house with family and pets

Time to sit down and give thanks for all we have

A prayer for the poor and needy and homeless

Give thanks to the troops that are serving our country away

A toast to all friends and family that have passed away

Love to the neighbors and peace on this Earth

For Christmas is here and we need to remember the Birth.

Happy Holidays to All

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About the Author:

Angelo Ardino is Senior Technical Manager at First Source Worldwide specializing in the textile industry. He likes to say he’s been working with textiles since the invention of the cotton gin. His passion lies in saving time and energy for his customers so they can keep creating great products.