What is the Best Reactive Dye System to Use?

There are many choices of different reactive dye systems available in the textile industry. How do you choose the best system for your operation?

This blog discusses some of the more important variables to take into consideration for exhaust dyeing of cotton fiber.

Dyeing Equipment

If you have multiple size machines or varying load sizes being dyed in the same machines you must be aware of varying liquor to goods ratios.  You should consider a newer generation of reactive dyes that have been developed with minimal affect of varying liquor ratios. This means that the dye selection is forgiving when salt and/or alkali fluctuates, resulting in consistent reproducibility.

Fastness Requirements

Your dye selection must satisfy your specific fastness requirements.  For example, some dyes offer good chlorine fastness or superior light fastness.  Make sure that you select a system that will meet your fastness requirements.

Effluent / Water Usage

If you are looking for optimum water usage and reduced effluent load, you would consider “high fixation” dyes.  High fixation dyes result in more dye on the fiber and less in the wastewater.  High fixation dyes require less water use during the post scouring and less color in your effluent.


There are a multitude of chemical additives that are available for use in reactive dyeing.  Dyebath additives, such as sequestrants, are used as necessary to neutralize impurities in your water and/or improve dyestuff solubility.  Post scouring chemical additives can assist in a more efficient washing, saving time and water.

These are just a few of the variables to consider when choosing the right reactive dye system for your operation.

First Source Worldwide offers a wide range of reactive dye systems.  From classic commodities to state of the art, engineered products that will meet your specific needs.


One of our latest developments:

Sorafix SS Range

Our Sorafix SS range consists of highly concentrated reactive dyes developed for economical dyeing of very deep shades.  These dyes offer good fastness with excellent washing off properties at an economical cost.  They have almost perfect compatibility in ternary shades leading to shorter dye cycles and excellent reproducibility.

Main benefits:

  • Achieve deep shades with low recipe costs and reduced water usage.
  • The best available technology for excellent lab to bulk and bulk to bulk reproducibility.
  • Easy wash-off properties and good overall fastness
  • Eco-friendly that meet Bluesign and ZDHC MRSL requirements

First Source Worldwide has the experienced technical staff that can assist you with determining the best reactive dye selection for your operation.  We can also assist with any of your preparation, dyeing and finishing needs with a wide range of products and experienced staff.


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