The Wonderful World of Color

Even when I was a young boy, I had a fascination for color and chemistry.  When I was 9 years old, I talked my parents into getting me Color Science Kit to explore the optical effects of combining colors using a variety of colored materials.  I was fascinated by one item in particular: a black and white wheel you could spin and observe the creation of color from these black and white spinning images.

Later, when I was 10, this was followed by the Gilbert Chemistry Kit.  This kit came with alcohol burners, test tubes, clamps and a broad range of concentrated raw chemicals used in a series of experiments to observe the reactions of different combinations.  You won’t find kits like that for sale any more today, but I somehow managed to survive.  Little did I know that the seeds were being firmly planted for what would eventually morph into a career that has lasted nearly 50 years…

At First Source Worldwide, we offer a wide variety of colorants and chemicals that address the needs of both major markets and niche industries.  Each customer and industry has unique requirements for which we have provided the particular colorants and chemicals best suited to satisfy the demands of their application environment.  Successful translation of these needs into appropriate products requires extensive lab testing for verification of spectrophotometric, physical and application characteristics and compatibility.

Our quality program is ISO 9001 certified, and we have a Quality Control staff of highly trained laboratory scientists, with many years of experience with colorants and chemicals. They are all dedicated to the satisfaction of the customers who depend on the products and services we provide every day.

In recent years, one market that has mushroomed exponentially targets car wash applications.  I am sure anyone who has been through a car wash in recent years is familiar with the car wash “experience” that is becoming increasingly popular.  Car wash operations now have many options for the consumer to choose from, with special cleaners, protective coating rinses and waxes being used.  Often, consumers like to be assured that the extra chosen products being paid for are actually being applied.

We have worked together with many car wash companies to find dye and optical brightener products that are compatible with the wide variety of chemicals that are common in their industry.  By providing a range of colors that can be used, a car wash operator can display different bright yellow, red, blue, and fluorescent markers in the various cleaning stages at their car wash locations.  These colorful foams and liquid sprays provide evidence to the consumer that these chosen extras are being applied.  At the same time, they also provide a fascinating panorama of color that makes for an interesting experience.



Displayed below are products that First Source Worldwide recommends for Car Wash applications.  Please contact our Customer Service and Sales Staff for any additional information and any questions you may have about them.


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About the Author:

David Zehnacker is Colorants Lab Manager at First Source Worldwide and has acquired over 45 years of experience in the quality control and production of colorants and chemicals. He provides focus and clarity to resolving today’s challenges related to product development, production and customer application environment. While away from work he enjoys reading, billiards and a romance with the piano.