How to Upgrade Your Home With Mulch

Improving a home’s curb appeal is on most homeowners’ to-do list. We find ourselves planning, purchasing for, and working on home improvement projects. From inside projects to landscaping, there are many new products and services that beautify our home to keep it looking fresh for longer periods of time. One of the simplest ways to upgrade the outside look of your home is to lay down mulch.

Mulch has the ability to modernize the appearance of the home’s landscape. Besides just the appearance, mulch has many other benefits that maximize the investment:

  1. It’s readily available at almost all home centers and hardware stores – even gas stations seem to sell it in the springtime.
  2. It’s inexpensive, available in many colors, and with various performance qualities.
  3. It can aid in stopping weed growth where it’s applied.
  4. It’s packaged in sizes that most people can lift and transport.
  5. Applying landscape mulch requires no specialized tools or skills.
  6. From start to finish, laying mulch does not take long.

Landscape mulch isn’t a new product. For decades, we’ve used chipped wood to control weeds and beautify homes’ appearance. What is new is that mulch is now an engineered product that maximizes its performance.

Mulch isn’t just chunks of wood. It often includes colorants (dyes and/or pigments) and herbicides to help impede weed growth and enhance the look of the chipped wood.

Reconsider Mulch: New Technologies and Improvements

The colorant selection for mulch has changed dramatically over the past few years. The selection of pigments and dyes is helping mulch look better and last longer. Earlier mulch colorants may not have lasted a single season. Now we have offerings which last many years. Much like paint, colorants are now often bonded to the wood chips.

Mulch colorants are typically offered in a natural color palette. We will see browns, black, reds, and yellows at the store to match or accent the look of your home. They are often packaged in plastic bags containing two cubic-feet of product.


The colorant selection also has a beneficial effect on the wood chip substrate. The dyes and pigments absorb and reflect damaging sunlight from the wood. Newer technologies have improved the color fixation to allow even longer lasting color protection. Colored mulch doesn’t just make wood chips look better – it also makes them last longer.

Gone are the old days of dried wood chips rotting in your landscape. Modern mulch for landscaping is a crafted product designed to do the job. Mulch beautifies your yard and maintains an improved appearance for many seasons.

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