Discover Triplex Technology from Cleveland Steel Container

Commerce Industrial Chemicals is proud to be a distributor partner with Cleveland Steel Container offering their exclusive Triplex® technology to produce a stronger and safer steel pail for the most demanding needs. With ongoing steel issues affecting the pail industry and rising costs being of paramount concern, is your business using the best pail for your packaging needs?

The Triplex® Technology advantage:

  • Triple Seam– At the heart of Triplex® is a stronger top and bottom seam. This seam is created by adding two additional wraps of steel to form a triple seam with a total of 7 complete layers of steel versus 5 layers.
  • Compound Curl- The Triplex® pail design offers a unique compound top curl on an open-head pail. The curl is the potential failure point of any steel pail. A compound curl allows a much better crimp when using the CSC Hi-Performance UN lug cover. This combination has been fully approved by the U.S. Department of Transportation and delivers consistent UN performance.
  • Weld Seam- The Triplex design features an improved weld seam. By using a new computer-controlled feedback loop welder, the seam is smoother and stronger. This enhances the exterior appearance. A cleaner weld also reduces the possibility of sharp burrs or feathers that may be dangerous or that might interfere with the integrity of the interior lining.
  • Body Profile- The improved body profile of the Triplex open-head pail design allows for increased labeling area. This is extremely helpful when complying with all of the government regulations, directions for use and warning statements that are now required to be included on your labeled pails. The added room permits a larger label to properly fit on the pail body without wrinkling or tearing.

Choose from both open head nested, straight sided or closed head pails using Triplex® technology:

  • Open Head Pail-Nested –Tapered body design allows pails to be nested to maximize storage space and freight costs. This is the most versatile and durable design for a wide range of products as well as the most cost-effective design depending on configuration. Open head pails offer three different cover options and will hold a variety of products including hazardous materials. Strong wire bail handle with grip allows for ease of handling and pouring. All open head pails are made with Triplex® technology which allows for the highest valid UN rating available.
  • Open Head Pail-Straight Sided– Straight body design which is Ideal for products that require a follower plate for dispensing products such as adhesives, lubricants and greases. Three different cover options are available and these pails feature a strong wire bail handle with grip allowing for ease of handling and pouring. Open head pails offer a stackable design using Triplex® technology along with a compound curl allowing for a high UN rating.
  • Closed Head Pail-Tighthead-Non-removable top ideal for products that need a higher UN rating. A variety of fittings are available for dispensing. The closed head pail boasts the highest UN rating available of any pail design and is approved for air shipments. This stackable design features a galvanized steel handle and offers Triplex® technology throughout the top and bottom seams.

Commerce Industrial Chemicals offers a full array of products for your packaging needs. All steel pails are designed in accordance with ANSI standards. Gallon sizes range from 2.5 gallons to 7.5 gallons. A full range of UN-rated pails is available to meet the hazardous materials transportation requirements of each customer’s filled package.

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About the Author:

Lisa Schefsky is the President of Commerce Industrial Chemicals. With a proven record of accomplishments in the paint and coatings industry.