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More B2B and small businesses are having to modernize their brand and marketing strategy in order to stay competitive in the marketplace. It’s no longer advantageous to simply have a operating website and be listed in directories. The direction has shifted to being consumer centric, bringing in customers by offering tools and information that will help them before they even purchase one of our products.

For us, this meant a drastic overhaul of our website. For years we’ve been operating with our site as a sign post “we’re here, and here are our products!” We’re seeing this strategy isn’t working anymore, it’s not a tool for our customers.

We decided to team with Top Floor Design agency out of Milwaukee, WI to create a new, modernized website. It includes every piece of modern website design that is now a necessity today: clean responsive design, simple navigation, and useful information. Our marketing team has also kickstarted a blog for FSW, The Lab Journal. A new venue for us, we’ve recognized the importance of sharing information from our industry.

Chemistry can be confusing, complicated – it’s an industry people often don’t know a lot about and don’t realize how vital it is to the world around them. We’ve decided to take some of the most frequently asked questions and issues our customers see in the field and answer them publicly. We provide tips, tools and guidelines for common problems across the industries we serve and with working with dyes and chemicals. We’ll hope you’ll find the information useful when working with chemistry.

This project has been challenging and fun, I’m looking forward to seeing how a modernized website can help us service our customers by providing a more comfortable experience. This project seemed natural to add into our mix of internal improvements as we continue to strive for efficiency, safety, and quality.

I hope you enjoy the new site, and thank you for choosing us as your First Source for quality chemicals and colorants.

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About the Author:

Dale Clark is President & CEO of First Source Worldwide. From a humble home office to a now multinational business, Dale has led growth of FSW following the company formula. With drive and passion, he’s cultivated a family-focused culture to serve clients nothing but the best.