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How Finishing Line Upgrades Save Time and Reduce Chemical Consumption- Part II

April 25th, 2017|Tags: , , , |

In Part I of Finishing Line Upgrades, we looked at the advantages of retrofitting the pump [...]

First Source Worldwide- A high-value model for manufacturing/distribution & technical support

April 18th, 2017|Tags: , , |

Throughout the decades, the chemical and colorant industries have swayed the ebb and flow [...]

How Humans See Color

April 11th, 2017|Tags: , |

Many people have seen the below image, often being passed along in friends’ posts.  We sta [...]

Blame it on the Dyer

April 4th, 2017|Tags: , |

One of the most common problems in dyeing polyester knits in the textile industry is barre [...]

How to Prevent Spotting When Using Disperse Dyes

March 28th, 2017|Tags: , , |

Dye spots when using Disperse Dyes have been a common issue in most exhaust dyeing operati [...]

Selling to the New Carpet Industry

March 21st, 2017|Tags: , , |

In my last blog entry, “The Consolidation of the Carpet Industry,” we discussed how few ma [...]