Procedure and Process for Dyeing Polyester

In this month’s blog, I want to discuss First Source Worldwide’s procedure and process for dyeing polyester. I will discuss products we recommend— for making life a little easier—when dyeing a difficult fiber such as polyester.


As in all dyeing processes, you will need to start with a good emulsifying scour/wetter agent. SORA SCOUR LF-MD is a low foaming, multi-functional emulsifying detergent and wetting agent used in all pretreatment processes to remove knitting oils, waxes, and other impurities for polyester fabric. Application amounts range from 1.0 g/l to 3.0 g/l.

Dyeing Auxiliaries

In our recommended process for dyeing polyester, there are three products I would like to discuss:

  • SORA LEV HTD is a mixture of non-ionic and anionic components. It is a non-foaming dispersing and leveling agent used for the high temperature dyeing of polyester, using disperse dyes. SORA LEV HTD also promotes tone-on-tone dyeing, prevents trimmer, and improves fastness in post treatment. Application amounts range from 0.75 g/l to 1.50 g/l.
  • SORA PLUS LDE is a low foaming, highly effective crease inhibitor/lubricant that protects fabric surfaces and improves running properties. It prevents run creases, wrinkles, and chafe marks. SORA PLUS LDE also emulsifies and prevents the re-deposition onto the fabric of any spinning oils, dye deposits, oils, greases, and waxes. Application amounts range from 2.0 g/l to 4.0 g/l.
  • SORA SPERSE T-N POWDER/LIQUID is a highly effective dispersing agent for dyeing polyester using disperse dyes. It stabilizes dyestuff dispersion for optimum absorption while preventing growth of dyestuff particles in dispersion. Some added benefits for using SORA SPERSE TN POWDER/LIQUID are there are no effects on shade clarity on pale and brilliant colors. It is also easy to handle and can be automatically metered or dosed, depending on preference. Application amounts range from 0.50 g/l to 2.0 g/l.

    After Clear/Post Treatment

SORA POLYCLEAR A 80 is an excellent reductive clearing agent for the removal of unfixed disperse dyes. It is used during the cooling process under acid conditions. SORA POLYCLEAR A 80 reduces cycle times, as it eliminates the need for neutralization. It saves water and energy and should be considered for your reduction clearing process. Application amounts range from 0.5 g/l to 2.0 g/l and should always be applied under acidic conditions, as pH should not be over 4.5.

FSW also offers a wide range of disperse dyes at very competitive prices. Feel free to contact me or any of our technical staff for a portfolio of disperse dyes offered by clicking the picture below!

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C. Scott Wilson is a Technical Sales Representative at First Source Worldwide specializing in textile applications. His optimism helps him find hidden solutions to improve process efficiencies. He’s spent over 20 years in the hosiery business, even dyeing socks for Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls team.