New Products for Coatings: A C-8 Replacement & New Water Emulsion

We service over 2,000 different chemical and colorant products in our portfolio. Yet, we still have customer requests that surprise us. Since many of our products are useful in different industries, these R&D projects offer a chance for us to reach in to our knowledge pool. We help clients with product development for anything from launching new product lines to overcoming operational issues. Many times, we find a formulation that didn’t come direct from our already-sourced material.

Customers need to find new products for a variety of reasons: consolidation within a market, internal processes, inventory cost control, environmental legislation and stewardship, and even simple product availability. Regardless of the driving force, our wide product knowledge gives us the tools and resources to find new alternatives for clients.

Some of our favorite work is when we get to research new markets and product applications. Our most recent developments serviced a shift in regulations and a specific client request. First, we created an industry solution to a discontinued product in the coatings industry. Then, we marketed a new product created in light of a client need, opening the door to product applicable for leather and coatings applications.

Soratex TAM

Discontinuing C-8 Fluoro Chemistry

The implementation of the global directive to cut all C-8 Fluoro chemistry from use drove manufacturers to present C-6 chemistries. These need to perform as well as the C-8 predecessor, which is not an easy task. Many promising alternatives came to market. The problem with the new chemistry being a higher dosage to equal C-8 performance. This resulted in a higher cost. Combined with the initial higher price of the replacement chemistry, the global directive ends up being more expensive.

FSW’s Solution with Soratex TAM

In light of the cost concerns, FSW introduced Soratex TAM. This is our next generation of fluoro chemistry that is C-8 directive compliant. It’s used with success as a stain and water repellent on several fibers and their blends. It’s even used as an in-can additive for spray repellent and stain repellent.

Soratex TAM can perform in any water-based formulation or application. It is compatible with acrylics, urethanes, starches, and pigments. You can improve the performance of the product by adding Sorapret Booster XLR, an unblocked isocyanate. When used in a water-based urethane coating, the coating’s surface has a more pronounced reflection and higher contact angle for water droplets. This creates a more repellent surface.

While Soratex TAM has shown good properties in replacing C-8 chemistry, it’s not the end of the road. We are also working on the next generation, higher performance version of TAM. We’re looking forward to announcing more on this development late 2016.


Meromul CAB Emulsion 405

Supplier Struggles

A client faced the challenge of a traditional overseas manufacturer implementing purchase minimums of container quantities and lead times of 10-12 weeks. They needed help finding a logistical solution while maintaining performance expectations of the previous supplier. Choosing to work with us, we were able to source this material saving the customer time and money, while being able to continue using the same material they relied on.

This, in turn, gave us a new product to bring to our portfolio. Finding a niche for this product across a variety of industries we serve, we see the benefit of sourcing it and delivering it to clients. Excellent for use in the leather and coatings industry, this water emulsion is a recent addition to our product line stemming from a client need.

How It Fits Into Our Product Line

Meromul CAB Emulsion 405 is a water emulsion of cellulose acetate butyrate. Used in the leather and wood coatings markets for generations, it provides outstanding UV resistance. This, combined with a medium gloss, good surface wear, and pleasing aesthetic properties. It also displays the benefit of not reacting with polyurethane or polyurethane foam components used in the shoe sole and upholstery industry. This enables the coating to be non-yellowing and the applied color finish to remain stable in shade. When it comes in contact with vinyl, it does not extract plasticizers.

This emulsion provides good slip resistance. This leads to good early blocking properties and a pleasing touch. Additives such as FA24-W, a water-based performance silicone, can enhance these properties. You can apply it via spray or other coating apparatus. Shading with select liquid colorants is also an option.

In some situations, Meromul CAB Emulsion 405 allows for better leveling and wetting of pigmented or non-pigmented water-based coatings. It can help prevent surface defects such as cratering, orange peel, or fish eye, while leaving a clearer film.

Happy Customers & New Products, A Win-Win

As a result of sourcing the product through us, the customer gained the availability to a product matching the desired performance targets. They benefited from a competitive cost versus their previous overseas supplier. Plus, with the peace of mind of being able to order smaller batch sizes with minimal lead times.

Whether we’re responding to trends in the market or direct to client’s needs, FSW is in a unique position to offer such personalized and innovative service. With a corporate structure that values strong teams of experts, responsible sourcing initiatives, and quality product, it’s an integral piece of our business to work with customers to find solutions. The discussions that help our clients, that’s the benefit beyond the chemistry at FSW.

Download the Technical Data Sheets for Soratex TAM and Meromul CAB-405 now.

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Jerry Fitzpatrick is a Regional Sales Manager at First Source Worldwide servicing multiple industries that utilize color and coatings. With a passion for innovation, he enjoys supporting his customers in their challenges and new explorations.