First Source Worldwide: Announcing Their Latest Expanded Chemistry

From a continued dedicated drive to support, expand, and improve key market products in our portfolio, First Source Worldwide is very pleased to announce our latest expanded chemistry.

We are proud to present several new classes of acrylics, emulsions, urethane, dispersion, and epoxies for industries utilizing water based technology.

  • Do you require a particular cure time or MFFT that meets your process infrastructure?
  • Do you need a specific or custom produced glass transition factor for your coating?
  • Do your water based binder systems need to be scrubbable, self-crosslinking, solvent resistant, provide repellency characteristics, flexible yet durable, or have early dirt pickup resistance at a competitive price?
  • Do you need binders for the following applications:
    • Interior and exterior walls
    • Siding
    • Wood
    • Concrete
    • Garage floor 
    • Asphalt road markings
    • Metal
    • Elastomeric roof coatings
    • Synthetic and cellulosic fibers, nonwovens, and textiles
    • Leather finishes
    • Paper coatings

These are just a few scenarios and if you answered yes to any of these, First Source Worldwide has the depth of application knowledge and a wide breadth of chemistry to help fill your needs and support your business.

Here are some of the newer chemistries we are excited to bring to market:

  • Self-crosslinking acrylics
  • 100% acrylics
  • Vinyl acrylics
  • Hydrophobic modified acrylics
  • Acrylic epoxies
  • Acrylics with encapsulated water repellents
  • Acrylic/urethane blends & hybrids
  • Urethane dispersions
  • C-6 water/stain & oil repellents
  • Flourine & silicone free water repellents
  • Dynamic non-water soluble silicone repellents

This chemistry—combined with flexibility in packaging/ regional logistics and, when requested, custom compacted binder systems—allows First Source Worldwide to help improve your chemistry, your bottom line, and your ease of supply chain and processes.

With First Source Worldwide’s coating products, dyes, and pigments, we have you covered…to the finish!

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About the Author:

Jerry Fitzpatrick is a Regional Sales Manager at First Source Worldwide servicing multiple industries that utilize color and coatings. With a passion for innovation, he enjoys supporting his customers in their challenges and new explorations.