Blame it on the Dyer – Snake Oils

The dyes and chemicals used in a formula to make a shade are critical to the final performance of the fabric. “Snake Oils” is the term given to the chemicals used in a dyehouse. We know that dyes will produce colors, but why do we need so many chemicals? Accounting wants the dollar cost down in the cost per pound usage of dyes and chemicals. The plant manager wants the machine time cut to achieve higher production numbers. The dyer is challenged in both areas. The dyer has to select the dyes and chemicals that will perform and shorten cycle time.


The accounting department is only looking at cost per pound of dyes and chemicals. Not at the performance or the concentration of the chemicals. The dyer knows that higher concentrations equals savings in the receiving area by paying to receive concentrates and not paying for water. The dyer also knows that it will save on inventory space. More concentrated products equals less inventory space needed. More concentrated products also means less chemical usage in the dyehouse area.


The plant manager is looking at machine times to yield the highest production. The dyer has to stay in the middle. The dyer knows that a chemical may cost more in price but down the line be more effective.


The dyer also knows that the pre-scouring operation is important. Prepared goods will be free of knitting oils. They will achieve better absorbency to receiving the dyes and auxiliaries.


The dyer also knows that, if properly prepared, finishing the fabric will absorb more finishing chemicals. This means the chemicals can be reduced in the formula, and the fabric absorption rate will be greater. This will allow the finisher to use less chemical to receive the handle needed on the cloth.


The dyer also knows that by saving rinse cycles, the dyehouse is saving water consumption and cycle time. Saving water consumption can add dollars to the bottom line, even if the chemical cost is a little higher in the dyehouse. The savings on finishing chemicals can be 10-20% less, and the reduced cycle time can be 10-20% less, while energy costs can be 10-20% less. This all goes to the bottom line of the business. It all started in the dyehouse with the dyer.


First Source Worldwide has concentrated chemicals that can help achieve: less cycle time, reduce rinse cycles, lower temperatures, and obtain cleaner fabric. If you have any questions regarding buying concentrated chemicals, feel free to click the picture below to contact our Customer Service team!

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