Winter Weather Shipping Alert

Winter is upon us! We would like to remind you of our Winter Readiness Plan in order to continue timely delivery of your orders as best as possible. With many of our manufacturing and distribution centers in the Northern United States and Canada, our delivery times and product availability across all our locations may be affected.

FSW takes the following measures to best avoid delays in your shipment:

  • Forecasting of product needs across all locations to have safety stock ready and available.
  • Established relationships with our carriers to deliver rush and freezable materials as quickly as possible.
  • Shipping of liquid or other freezable materials at the beginning of the week, not past Wednesday, to ensure protection from freezing.
Even in our best efforts to keep your shipments on time, we can’t always beat mother nature. Delays may occur on your shipments and we will keep you notified. Know that our customer service and shipping staff will do their best to find solutions to meet your needs this season. We thank you for your cooperation and business during the next few Winter months. If you have any questions, please contact your Customer Service Representative.
Thank you for making First Source Worldwide your First Source for quality chemicals and colorants, we appreciate your business.