Specialty Chemicals

At First Source Worldwide, we pride ourselves on delivering safe, reliable chemicals to our customers. With over 2,000 chemical products our inventories are diverse with endless opportunities for specific formulations, packaging options, and logistics. All our products are backed by superior technical support. FSW Chemists have vast product knowledge and can assist you in selection and application of chemicals into your processes.

We provide many chemicals specific for certain industries and applications. We specialize in chemical services for textiles, leather, coatings, automotive and more. Visit our Industry pages to find these solutions that best fit your business.

The following products represent a sample of what we have to offer. Contact us for more information on chemicals you are looking for.

Flame Retardants

Formic Acid

Benzyl Alcohol

Titanium Dioxide

Thiourea Dioxide

Sodium Acetate

Sodium Formate

Sodium Hydrosulfide

Sodium Hydrosulfite

Sodium Sulfide

Glycol Ethers

Acrylic Resins