First Source Worldwide Becomes Exclusive Distributor of Sincol Organic Pigments

Organic pigment distribution agreement First Source Worldwide, LLC signed as the exclusive distributor for Sincol USA, Inc for North and Central America. The agreement positions FSW to distribute Sincol’s organic pigments line. We’d like to introduce you to them and the opportunities available when you choose these pigments for your products.

Who Is Sincol?

Sincol Corporation is a manufacturer of water based organic pigments. They have the single, largest pigment manufacturing facility in the world located in China. Three sister companies, Sincol USA, Inc., Union Colours Ltd., and Union Colours SA Ltd., manage these markets’ distribution channels and aid in research and development. Sincol supplies only the products they manufacture, which covers over 75% of all organic pigment products.


Inside Sincol’s Organic Pigment Manufacturing

Sincol has a strong team of over 50 Ph.D. chemists working in their research and development department. Each year they create an array of new products for different industry applications. Last year alone, Sincol introduced over 40 products. The innovation allows Sincol to provide organic pigments for specific market applications and surface treatments, versus ones for general use.

In light of the pressure the manufacturing industry faces in China, Sincol was a first-mover in bringing their operations facilities to environmental standards. In 2013 they invested $30 million to install a state-of-the-art water treatment system that exceeds quality requirements. They also committed to a closed-loop system of solid waste treatment.

Most recently, they acquired a new manufacturing facility in South Africa to support the food packaging market with cleaner organic pigments. The new facility will align with the most recent release of guidelines for operational sustainability, modeled after recommendations in the Europe 2020 strategy. This will allow them to create products that fit within standards and distribute products globally.

How do we know all of this? Because we’ve been there. We saw their team and operations in action.

Joining FSW & Sincol Together

Sincol USA signed FSW as their exclusive distributor based on the infrastructure and technical capacity FSW brings to the table. Our eight warehousing locations will provide a wider breadth of service to distribute their organic pigments to customers across North and Central America. The four laboratories we utilize staffed with industry professionals will further the technical service available to both our customers and those of Sincol.

Sincol Organic Pigment Agreement

What does this mean for FSW customers?

FSW customers will now have a direct link to quality organic pigments manufactured in China. They’ll rest easy working with FSW and not having to work direct overseas. Organic pigment products will be sourced directly from Sincol with an exclusive distribution agreement, therefore the price will be competitive.

This means, you’re getting quality product direct from the source – without the hassle.

Our team of technicians can help you implement the pigments into your formulas and applications. We have four laboratories throughout the Americas to do process testing and quality analysis. And when we find the product needs tweaking, you’re in luck. Working direct with Sincol means we’re able to help you develop the tailored product with the manufacturer so you’re using the best product for your business.

But odds are, you’ll be able to find a pigment shade already specialized for your application. Since Sincol creates products specific to an industry and its most common applications, some pigments are pre-tailored to meet your demands. You’re allowed to be picky.

FSW logistics truckImproved Logistic Capacity

The distribution capacity of FSW will improve the reach of Sincol’s products. That’s why we’re working together. We believe in the product they’re selling, and we can get it to customers with convenience.

We operate out of eight locations in the US, Mexico, Honduras, and Canada. This arrangement with Sincol encouraged the opening of FSW warehousing services in Canada, just outside of Toronto in Bolton, ON. Organic pigments will be available from all of these locations to improve availability. So when you’re out of pigments and still have runs to produce this week, we can get it to you quick. It’ll also save on your freight costs, as we’ll be able to ship materials to you from locations near you versus overseas.

The organic pigments are available in quantities ranging from 15 kilo bags to bulk bag sizes. Bags range in size from 15 – 25 kilos based on density; pallet quantities are also available.

Continuing the Mission of our Company Formula

Our Company Formula balances Responsible Sourcing, Quality Commitment, and Passionate People. The new agreement with Sincol USA aligns with all three aspects.

We trust their operations, we’ve seen them ourselves, and we’re watching them grow into an advanced supplier with their initiatives. Their products are sound. They control the process from start to finish in the organic pigment synthesis process. It’s a closed-loop manufacturing process with treated waste and water. We know and work with their people; they hold the same passion for excellence and technical service that we do.

Bringing Organic Pigments to Our Product Line

It’s hard to find trustworthy suppliers.

A question of the chemical and dye industry often is: How can manufacturers source trusted products that fit within their company values?

The chemical industry is booming around the world, yet restrictions for environmental impact are getting tighter. As they should. So the challenge remains in finding products that provide solutions but don’t come at a greater cost beyond the price per pound.

Sometimes it seems everyone says the same thing. They claim to manufacture their own products, in clean facilities, in a regulated manner. But that’s not always the case. Depending on where certain businesses carry different contractual agreements, they may not have any control over the manufacturing process of their colorants.

…That means when you have issues in your facility with those products, you might be left hanging.

Be careful who you choose as a supplier. We at FSW manufacture and distribute products for a wide range of industries. To source materials that align with our mission, we’ve spent time in the overseas facilities and in meetings with the people who make them.

We want to know what we’re selling.

We look forward to this new relationship with Sincol and the opportunities this will bring throughout the North and Central American marketplaces. Having a trusted source for organic pigments allows us to round out our colorant offerings. This will allow us to increase the services we provide for pigment users, and we look forward to that journey.

Stay tuned.


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About the Author:

Dale Clark is President & CEO of First Source Worldwide. From a humble home office to a now multinational business, Dale has led growth of FSW following the company formula. With drive and passion, he’s cultivated a family-focused culture to serve clients nothing but the best.